New Year / New You

Happy New Year…!!

So, have you made a new years resolution?? Does it sound like a broken record…

I am going to loose weight, eat healthier, quit smoking, exercise more… 

Well, we have all said it, tried it and some of us has even succeeded.  Well done!!  However, most of us all have good intentions and really try to stick with our resolution, a larger majority of us find that within a few weeks or days we slip back to our old habits.

Did you see that key word HABIT.  What is a habit…a habit is an an acquired behavioral pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.  It is said that if you continue to do something for a certain amount of time it will become a habit.  It does vary depending on your goals.  Somethings can become a habit after a few weeks and some may take a few months.

So, I can state the obvious, stick with it for “x” amount of time and make this year different, finally make your resolution a habit and succeed.  However, I am not going to say that because you know if you really want to succeed… you will hake it happen.

I try NOT to make a New Years resolution, but to set goals or create a mantra. One of my favorite years was 2013, my Year of FUN!  “Fun”… What do I mean… Well, I forgot what I had personally liked to do for fun.  I had been living my life for everyone else in my family and putting their needs and wants before mine, that I feel I lost myself a bit. That year I joined many MeetUp groups and began just having fun…hiking, snowshoeing, cooking, going to plays/musicals, bike riding, painting, girls & cocktails, to name a few.  I would make it a point to do something different every week.  Either try something I have never done or make it a point to go out and enjoy something for myself.  Girls night at the movies, try a new restaurant or bar. Create a new dish to cook, call an old friend or read a book. 

Another year, it was standing on my own two feet (buying a place in my own name) Yay..!! I did it and it was very liberating. New Beginnings, tried completely new activities weekly or meeting new people, started re-decorating my place that year.  New adventures, I got out and traveled to new cities or places I have always wanted to go.  So this year try and come up with a new mantra or slogan for yourself be creative and have fun.  

For me, this year with all the craziness of 2020 and social distancing, I am going to focus on paying it forward when possible/random acts of kindness, we all can use some in 2021!

Life is about finding yourself, and about creating yourself!  “Live the life you love and love the life you live”

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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