Our First Hurricane

Our First Hurricane

Let’s face it unless it’s a direct hit, a storm of any magnitude is merely a conversation over lunch.

Birth of “Eta”

First it was a tropical storm, then it was a Cat 4 hurricane headed toward a 3rd world country. Then it progressed inland as a tropical depression and it took an about face and raced back out over the Caribbean. “Eta” was persistent, the 28th named storm of 2020 chugged north east toward the nation of Cuba. 

Put us in the path…

We made the move to Southwest Florida in July of 2020. Right, who does that…!?!?  We did… In the summer of 2018 we visited the jungle of Costa Rica. Southwest Florida in July reminds me of Costa Rica in the middle of July.

“Eta” crossed Cuba and regenerated back into a tropical storm with sights set towards Key West Florida. We started to watch the Weather Channel with interest as speculation grew that this storm was headed towards the Gulf of Mexico and a possible strike on the west coast of Florida.

There is NO humidity in Colorado. There is nothing but humidity in the summer months in Florida. I had not needed an antiperspirant for 25 years in Colorado now, I need it twice a day…!!

Kissed by “Eta”

The term “outer bands” as used in the description of a hurricane, is a thing… as rain began to fall in “our neck of the woods” (Al Roker) with the center of the Eta still 150 miles away. We watched the Weather Channel with more intent.

just before we were told to leave….
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Path of Eta

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