2 Pc Santoku Set




The twin piece Santoku set comprises one 8-inch Santoku knife with a hollow ground edge and one 6-inch Santoku knife that are sold in a gorgeous packing box.

Each of the knives has a dark brown Pakkawood handle that comes with an attractive pattern on the surface. The middle of the handle has a metal plate that can be engraved with customized text or logo upon request. The handle also has a mirror polished steel cap at the end tip that locks out humidity and moisture from the interior parts, thereby enhancing the durability of the knife.

Both knives have a rounded, highly polished bolster that balances out the weight of the knife. It also gives the knife a uniform finish since it matches the steel cap on the tip of the handle.

The blade on the 8-inch knife is wide, long, and features hollowed out grooves that enhance quick release of food items when cutting, dicing, or chopping vegetables. As such, you can expect easy cleanup thereafter since there will be little to no food on the blade after cutting with the hollow ground blade. The wide dimensions and flat nature of the blade also make it suitable for crushing hard nuts.

The shorter 6-inch knife has a narrower blade that has a flat surface extending from the heel to the tip. The shorter and slimmer blade makes the knife lightweight and easy to handle when chopping up smaller ingredients such as garlic and mushroom pieces.

To clean the knives, hand wash them under running water and dry the blades before storing to avoid staining their surfaces. Note that occasional sharpening might be required with continued use of the knives. This can be done on a wet high grit sharpening stone.

Rhineland cutlery is covered under a limited lifetime warranty, which guarantees delivery of quality products. The Santoku knives are also offered with optional engraving using custom text or logo on the blades and handles.


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